Monday, August 20, 2012

Life's a Whirlygig

It is now August 20th.

What a two months it has been.


Where do I start?

We are no longer where we were living...the landlords decided they aren't interested in landlording anymore. I do not think this is our fault; I'm pretty sure they just took advantage of the management company's failure and our situation with the lease....basically it's a long frustrating story which teaches the lesson to never ever ever rely on the goodwill of someone in authority over you, even if they insist it's what's best for everyone. We were rushed out but got out clean.

We are now 45 minutes away from just about everything we do, church, homeschooling co-op, friends, etc but we have discovered some new opportunities here that we are looking forward to (I just signed my 4 oldest up for archery!). We are back in an apartment complex, so we've lost the yard but gained a pool, we are close to a number of parks and one state park with fishing, and much closer to a larger library.

The best thing about this move is the forced downsizing. I've thought for years that we could get by and be happier with less stuff, and continued accruing more stuff. After all, we had the space to put it and maybe we'd make use of it someday! Well, this apartment, though it has the same number of bedrooms, is about 700 square feet smaller, AND it has no garage for storage and no yard. So we dumped a lot of our stuff off with Goodwill, including some large pieces furniture we weren't making good use of, got a storage unit for items like winter clothes, holiday decor, and boxes and boxes of books, and squeezed in here. I have is discovered that I like it! It is sooo much easier to clean a small place! I am so much less overwhelmed with everything I must do before everything I want to do. I don't really want a bunch more space. I do want a yard. I miss that. And I'm not saying it was easy getting rid of so much. But my dream house has shrunk down by several hundred square feet and has sooo much less stuff in it.

So. We've moved.

We also had a baby.

Meet Octavia (Tavi). (not her real name. sadly. I lobbied for it, though.)
She was born August 10th, 2012, at 1:38 am in a water tub at my midwife's birthing center. She was 10 lbs 6 oz, and my next post here will be the birth story. She is healthy and wonderful and I am healing and Supermom ;)

And now my parents and in-laws are coming at the end of the month and then school is starting (I'm starting late, wanna guess why?) and life isn't going to get any slower or less busy for a long long time.

This is my life, and I'll take it and enjoy it and be thankful forever.