Monday, May 6, 2013

"This is my life, and I'll take it and enjoy it and be thankful forever."

That was how I ended my last post, about 8 months ago. It's still true.

It's May 6th, 2013 now. 2013! Where's my hoverboard?

Yesterday was Pascha.
The Ninja Time Lord, Tavi, and my Right Hand Girl

 I love Pascha. We had an exciting one this year. We were all sick with a sinus infection and cough. We spent an hour searching outside for our new cat that was hiding inside, which put us behind in our baking and bathing. After thinking all year that this Pascha would be warm and sunny (it was in May in South Carolina!!) it was 54 degrees and very, very rainy. My 8 year old son's candle-wax-catcher (what is the name for those?) caught fire and tried to burn down the church. My youngest daughter kept trying to grab the candle flames. I realized right after the sermon of St. John Chrysostom that I'd left the cheesecake brownies I'd just managed to get in the oven in time, still in the oven, still at 350 degrees, 50 minutes away back at home. I spent much of the rest of the service worried that as my exhausted hubby rushed back home in the dark, wind, and rain he would get into an accident and die while my home burnt down. Fun thoughts. Thankfully, I am excellent at compartmentalizing so I was still able to enjoy the service, but oh, the relief when I saw him walk in right during the passing out of eggs at the end. Poor hubby, though.

New since last posting: we're grain-free. Even at Pascha feast. I was pleased with myself both for resisting temptation and for not feeling all that tempted by the grainful foods there. Today, however, I am in complete brain-fog from the sugar I consumed. Not doing that again. Ick.

Ok, I'm not going to write anymore today. I plan on being back tomorrow though. I'm re-thinking what I want to use this blog for, not that you can tell by what I just wrote. I'm tired. Going to bed now.

Christ is Risen!