Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sixteen Years

I feel too young for that number, but that number also seems way too small. It feels longer, not necessarily in a bad way.

Sixteen. Years.

10 children, six boys, four girls, one dead.

 5 hospital births, 4 birthing center births with a midwife, 1 home birth.


 100 more pounds and then 60 less....that's just me. You'll have to ask the Time Lord Ninja about his weight if you want to know.


More than 100 various small livestock/poultry, and about a dozen different pets or so through the years.

10 years homeschooling with another 18 or so to go.

Eight different homes in six different towns in two different states.


Two different religions.

More jobs than I can possibly count, but never much money.


Lots of friends, old, new, lost, kept....


A million failures but zero giving up.

It's been quite a ride so far. I think we are getting better at it, at life together, at loving together. Sometimes it doesn't feel like we've made any progress, but looking back....we sure have. I'm looking forward to the next 16 years and beyond.

(Sorry for the  light non-existent posting lately. This "part-time" job has eaten up all of my time.)

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