Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exciting week

This week did not go as planned. We have some school to catch up on! We spent all day Thursday cleaning out the garage....can that count as school? The garage looks pretty good though. We hadn't cleaned it out since we moved here, 5 years ago, and for all 5 years it was just the "dumping" ground for anything we didn't have a place for inside. I really should have taken before and after pictures, but that never occurs to me till after.

Yesterday representatives from our landlords showed up to inspect the house before they renewed the lease. This is the inspection they are supposed to do every year, but again, we have been here 5 years and this is the first time they've come. Supposedly they are in hot water with the landlords. I'm nervous; I don't know what they were expecting but we have been here for a while and when we moved here I was pregnant with number 6 and now I'm pregnant with number 8 and there is a significant bit of wear and tear on the house. My husband doesn't think it is excessive for 5 years and $55,000 paid for living here; all I can see is what I should have done better. Plus, this company has a policy of no more than 2 people per bedroom (any other large families out there find this ridiculous?) and we have passed that up by two people now. We thought they were going to bring us the new lease and have us sign it yesterday, but that didn't happen. They said they'd contact us after talking to the owners. We'll see. They should let us know soon. Well, at least if we get kicked out, it will be a lot easier to pack and leave since the garage is in such good shape. Also the rest of the house....this may be the best it's looked since we've moved here. I've been nesting quite a bit, I guess.

So anyway, after they left I had no intention of piddling around the house stressing and trying to finish doing what I thought should be done before they got here, so I loaded up my pregnant self and all 7 kids, then went to a friend's house and picked up two more kids, and went to the YMCA. Can I just mention how thankful I am for their Open Doors Scholarship? Being able to take my kids to the pool this summer, being able to float and take some pressure off of my back, the swimming lessons and Zumba and free babysitting so I can swim without having to watch my is a real gift. I will not take it for granted.

We stayed at the YMCA for about 5 hours. My friend showed up half way through and we had a good time relaxing and talking. When we got home we had one of our favorite easy meals, Chili Dogs, and watched Macgyver. (Five years ago my oldest daughter said he was the "real kind of superhero." Then I put them to bed and watched Highlander while eating brownies and ice cream. I'm pregnant, not on a diet. And I've been good. Mostly. Don't judge.

My husband has been trying to get to watch Highlander for years, and recently I was looking for something I could watch that was already over. I don't mind waiting a week for the next show but season breaks annoy me. I'm spoilt, I know. Hulu has all 6 seasons available so I am about half way through the first season.

It's interesting for me to watch. The Ninja Time Lord told me early on that, while Highlander isn't a super deep show, it is morally driven. It also has pretty people to look at and funny fashions to laugh at, and occasional fun sword fights. It's a show I can do chores during because it's not a huge deal if I look down at the towel I'm folding; unlike most of the shows made nowadays Highlander moves fairly slowly, there are whole minutes taken up with a random person walking down a hallway. No kidding. It has a bit of the 80's corniness but has the humor to poke a bit of fun at itself. This will not be a new favorite show, but I am enjoying it.

Basically, after a stressful morning I had an enjoyable stress-free fun afternoon and evening and slept until 9 am this morning. Nice.

I'm going to work on cleaning our school/craft/overflow room today...once it is done my whole house will be decluttered and neat (the mind boggles). Well, partially decluttered and neat-ish. Then maybe I'll sew and knit and paint again. I have so many cool projects to do on my pinterest I would love to get to. How cool would that be?

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