Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ignore that last post

That last post is a great example of why you shouldn't jump into things all gung-ho and without realistic expectations, and especially why you shouldn't write a blog post while at the peak of any emotion. That day got a lot better.

And...I've been ridiculously busy since then! All in good ways. May 24th was my last day of work! Woo hoo! Moving on now to a more difficult and important job: full-time homemaker and homeschooling mother.

We also found out what this new little one is: our third girl! After four boys in a row I admit I'm shocked, but very happy. This was Time Lord Ninja's reaction (He comes home from work after I am in bed and I get up before him.):
Names are going to be difficult; we had a name picked out for a boy, but we are clueless for a girl. Well, we still have 10 more weeks to go.

Homeschooling is going well, I think. It's taking us a little time to readjust; the kids aren't used to me after a year of their dad and I'm not used to everything that has to be done! I found Khan Academy the other day, wow. I'm going to start using it a lot, I think. Today I had my oldest watch a math video which explained the kind of problems he was doing...It was much more effective than knocking him upside the head and asking how he could be so dumb. I never lost my patience, he didn't get frustrated and he understood it very well. I also love love love that it is free, of course!

Today I started re-reading The Happiness Project. This time I actually going to work on my own "Happiness Project" at the same time. I think my daughter Right Hand Girl (RHG) may join me. I'm going to post a lot of the work here.

Tomorrow after church we have the first "Meeting of the Minds" with friends and acquaintances who are interested in possible forming an "intentional community" within the next 5 years. I will post about it here; I am very excited. It sounds like it may be a do-able way to have our homestead sooner rather than later, and without having to be so "on our own" and an hour away from all of our friends. We'll see.

So these are the things I am currently planning on using this blog for: life journal, homeschooling/crafting/cooking reports, happiness project, and our baby steps toward having our own homestead/intentional community. I'm not promising that is all that will be here, or that all of that will be here, I'm discovering this as much as anyone else! If you are reading this, thank you! Be sure to say 'hi' and add me to your reader!

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