Thursday, July 2, 2015

!!!!!!Lots of Free Extra Money!!!!!!

Yeah, no.

So I got into my bank account this morning to check the balance, make sure my husband's paycheck went through, and reconcile my budget. I got a bit of a shock.

My husband's paycheck is there, yay, looking just like it is supposed to look.

Also, there is another deposit, an unexpected one, a little bit in more than 3x larger than my husband's paycheck.

After the initial brain-short caused by the sight of so much surprise money supposedly belonging to me, I'm able to see that it was deposited by the same company that handle's my husband's job's payroll, but isn't from his company. No one we know works for this company with it's mysterious random deposit of some much needed money.

Conclusion? Someone made an error, someone else is panicking over their missing paycheck right before a holiday weekend, and we get to deal with trying to get it fixed before it somehow bites us.

Oh joy.

It's funny how much a one or two second completely unanticipated hope being crushed can hurt. But it could be so so much worse. I really hope whomever this money belongs to can make it okay till this is fixed, and wasn't counting on the deposit to go through today to cover bills or a holiday vacation. Someone extra to pray for today.

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