Friday, July 10, 2015

My head hurts.

I haven't posted in a bit, but that's not for lack of writing posts in my head. Boy, if I could get speech to text and use that to write my blogs I'd post a lot! Everyone would hate it.

Of course now that I'm sitting down typing, nothing is coming to mind. So here are a mess-load of unorganized pictures from the last couple of weeks.
Sir Dex is fascinated by either the camera or the cameraman at his baptism

Right-Hand Girl wanted me to mention she's actually left-handed. Isn't she pretty?

First communion. Open wide!

Intensity making sure the brothers are good during Sir Dex's baptism.

One of Sir Dex's many admirers broke into a dance of joy during his baptism.

The family and the priest

Daddy looks more excited than Sir Dex here.

Little Big Boy got tired

Sir Dex and his godmother spitting on Satan.

Sir Dex really likes our priest.

Little Big Boy turned 6 last month!

Warrior and his Silly Goose. Her neck is fine, she's just staring at Octavia.

I always wanted twins. Little Big Boy and Octavia are twins just 3 years apart.

Wave hi!

Happy face loves Sir Dex, but Sir is distracted at the moment.

I told the girls I wasn't going to buy party hats. So they made them.
Our parties are very casual and whole families are invited, not just kids. This one had sloppy joes, cake, ice cream, and a sprinkler. I think everyone had a good time.

Little Big Boy: "What do you want from me?"

Intensity doesn't usually like to sleep in front of people. This picture is just one of the reasons why. I just couldn't resist. She's so awesome.

One of our neighbors has a peacock who likes to come visit. He does NOT like being photographed though.

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