Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I wrote a really great blog post last night, in my head, at 2 am

It was about different types of guilt and failure and expectations and responsibility....

This is not it.

I know having your best ideas in the middle of the night is normal. Is it also normal to have your best ideas while driving and don't have anything to write on? I don't have a smartphone, but if I did, could I use it as a voice recorder? If so I might suddenly want one.

Oh well.

Yesterday I also finally built an ugly but sturdy door for my chicken coop. Now all I have to do is attach it to the coop and add the little flap to cover the chicken hole, and I'll have a fully functional coop! Yay!
Ugly homemade chicken coop door

The guineas, at least, are ready to move into it. I wonder how long I will have these guineas, since yesterday, the day before their one month birthday, one mysteriously escaped and hasn't been seen since. It may or may not still be alive...it has plenty of places to go and hide and the weather isn't bad enough to kill it, but my cat or dog or the neighbors' cats and dogs probably would. Or a hawk. It can somewhat sorta fly, and we have lots of trees and thick brush. I was rather hoping that I would find it cheeping outside of the pen all its flock is in this morning, but no such luck. They say guineas like to come back home to their family (other guineas, not humans.) I think I'm just going to assume it is dead, tell the kids to assume it is living the high life out there somewhere, and be happily surprised if it shows up. The really sad thing is I have no idea how it got out. I'm pretty sure it's too big to just squeeze through, but I've been wrong before.

 I'm going to regrow celery. Have you seen that pin on Pinterest?  My husband eats celery daily to control his gout, and my children often have it as well. I will occasionally stick a stalk or two in my smoothies, but while the flavor is fine I can't stand the fibrous texture, so I don't eat it a lot. I should have it more, celery is surprisingly good for you. It's good for inflammation and blood pressure and more. Anyhow, we buy it weekly, and obviously I would much rather grow it for free, so we'll see how it works. I will update here. Right now I have two celery bottoms soaking in a pie dish. To keep up with our consumption I believe I'll need to have at least twenty bunches going at all times.

We are apparently getting rid of our goat.
Bill Grogan and Ki checking out the coop door.
It's a good thing. He has done for us all and more than we were hoping for, both as a brush clear-er and as an intro to farm animal care. He's awesome and friendly, but lonely and scared most of the time. We don't have our fence up yet (now THAT is going to be quite the chore) and so he is tethered, and he just doesn't like it. We found someone on craigslist with a large fenced pasture that has a lonely donkey in it. The man just likes to have the animals for entertainment and love; I think poor Grogan would be happier with him. He's even willing to have us come visit. We probably won't, but it makes us feel better about giving him to a stranger.

I bought a small bag of organic red potatoes from Walmart for $2 so I'm sending the boys out to dig a patch of yard to plant them in. These will be the first things planted directly in my soil; everything else is container grown in store bought soil and compost. My plan, that I really need to work on, is to make long mulch-on-top-of-cardboard piles in my yard, stir compost in and plant ground cover crops on them so that next year I have good soil to turn into garden beds. I have enough cardboard to probably layer my entire acres and almost half, but I need to actually pick up the phone and call tree chipping places till I find one willing to dump their mess in my yard. I HATE talking on the phone. HATE IT.

Wondering what's going on with the Ninja Time Lord while I yammer on about farm stuff? He's...better? In that he no longer has a fever and can go a full hour without making a beeline for the toilet. His stomach still hurts and he feels weak. He went to a minor medical center this morning where they were supremely unhelpful, but did at least provide a doctor's note so he won't get in trouble with his work. He plans on going back to work tonight.

He works too much. He thinks we need more money than we do and that's my fault, because I always manage to spend as much as makes. We are both enablers when it comes to spending money on stupid stuff. We don't buy big expensive stupid stuff, we don't go on vacations, we don't have fancy appliances or electronics, and the only nice things in the house are the items my parent's have bought us, and yet and yet and yet....we could do much better. I don't need to buy every geeky shirt I come across that is awesome. I should probably stop checking TeeFury everyday. (As soon as I do that, they will have an awesome Farscape or Stargate shirt, I just know it.) We certainly don't need to eat as many "treat" foods. I probably don't need any much more homeschool supplies. I should use the library more. I should be less wasteful with the things we already have. I should go less places and save gas. NTL asked me how much money I thought he would need to make per month next year after I have laying chickens, meat birds and rabbits, and a larger garden, and when I figured it out and told him, he enjoyed the laugh quite a lot. I was probably underestimating a little bit, but it would cut his hours by more than a third. I must learn to do with less and make better use of what I have. It's the type of person I want to be anyway. It shouldn't be so hard, you'd think.

I also need to figure out another way to blog than just stream-of-consciousness...

PS: I am giving all family members nicknames, and going back and changing names used earlier on the blog. Just 'cause. If you know me, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who is who, and I may add a picture key to the blog. But that would be later, because this has taken too long already.

PSS: and the goat is gone. The man and his family who came seemed very nice and good with Grogan. We had him exactly one month and boy, did he teach us a lot. I hope he has an excellent and long life.

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