Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Picture dump

I feel like I'm more tired than I ought to be. Every day, it seems like, I am planning to NOT go anywhere and just do the stuff I want to do around the home and farm, and every day I have to go somewhere for some reason. I really hate it. It's funny though, because I never used to be such a homebody. Something about having your own home?

I have written a whole lot of blog posts over the past several days, all in my head, while working. None of them made it here. Right now, of course, I have no blog post in my head, so I am going to dump a bunch of photos on you. Okay?

Tavi, for whatever reason, loves lying in Percival's crate and playing with his chewing bone.

Finished coop door, before being hung or painted. I'll have to go get more pics of it now.

Happy Face showing off our chicks in their tractor. The nesting boxes are on top; both the chicks and the nesting boxes are in the coop now. The tractor and nesting boxes were given to me by a dear lady who was excited about helping me get started with chickens.

Inside the coop. I have now added several roosts.

One day's harvest of zucchini. So far all together we have picked 22 of these, and they are still coming. They actually don't look as good in this pic as they do in real life. The smallest one is about 9 inches long. I recently read that they should be picked smaller so that the plants don't think the season is over. Hmmm.

This is a picture of me, at 9 am, after working in the garden for 2 hours.  I thought the dirt and sweat would show up more. I also thought I was smiling. I certainly am feeling good. This is when I was doing the celery. I have a bunch of pictures of how I planted it. I will put them in a post soon, because I am so excited that they are growing! Despite having been dug up by our dog twice.

I am behind...tomorrow I will get more pictures, and then soon tell what I am doing with the celery and show the painted and finished coop. I might even talk about my kids some. They are the ones, btw, largely keeping the house together while I work outside. They seem to prefer it, even the ones who claim they want to be farmers. But tomorrow...tomorrow I am starting work on the fall garden, and they are going to help me do that. Because that is going to involve digging in my hard as rock clay, that is full of actual rocks, and they will help me. I also have to paint the coop door, and then in the afternoon I work cleaning an office with my friend. So, despite that it is only 9 o'clock and the sun has only just set and I am a major night-owl, I am going to bed. My older kids will stay up about an hour reading or drawing, and my youngers are playing quietly in their room.I am sooo far behind on my tv's a good thing.

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