Monday, June 23, 2014

Late Night Silliness

You know how your brain writes your best stuff in the middle of the night, when you don't want to get up and put it down, so you just pray you'll remember it and then you never do?
I actually got up and wrote it down. It probably won't seem as awesome in the morning, but it sure was a fun and surprisingly easy.

I'm not getting up in the morning, I'm gonna stay in bed.
The alarm can ring all it wants to, the pillow will cover my head.
The sun can shine warm and brightly, the kids' smiles can do that too,
I'm staying in bed in the morning, 'cause there's too many dishes to do. There's too many dishes and too many clothes,
diapers to change and beans up the nose.
There's toys on the floor and games in the hall,
more books than shelves to hold them all.
I'm tired and sore, don't want to get dressed,
I'm staying in bed and ignoring this mess.
There's only so many things I can do, and as far as today went, it was just building the coo....p.
That was enough, I think, to earn me a break.
I'll stay in my bed and I'll eat me some cake.
I meant to end this poem changing my mind,
but the bed feels too good
So maybe next time!

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