Monday, November 4, 2013

I was hoping that by today, November 4, the house would be set up, we'd restart homeschooling, and I would start painting and getting prepped for an additional family member of the canine variety.

Today I went back to my previous out-of-home job. Only part-time, mind you, but still. I'm gone during a large chunk of the day working for money. I'm not really happy about it over all, but I am really so happy that I can ease the burden on the Ninja Time Lord, who has been working 80+ hours a week and is beginning to become zombie like.

I will be working 6 hours a day Monday through Thursday, so really, it's not too bad. Especially once I get used to it.

Meanwhile, the house is NOT set up, we are still drowning in mounds of books, homeschooling is not back to full tilt though we did manage a half day today, and painting and dog looks dreadfully far away.

I'm not depressed, just tired. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference but when I know I'll wake up feeling fine tomorrow, I know.

There's good news though: this Saturday I will be doing my first completely homesteading type thing: attending a goat and sheep seminar! Apparently people come from hours away to attend this, and it is only 13 minutes away from our new home. So yay!

Right now though: I'm going to bed. This was only supposed to be a couple of lines but apparently I am as bad about typing as I am about talking.

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