Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome to Galen Vale (maybe), and 30 days of daily posting ahead....

October 22nd, 2013, was our 14th wedding anniversary. On that day, we closed on our first house, our own home on our own land. Yay! Words cannot express how thankful we are for this place, our own Galen Vale. It's been a rough road for the past two years, losing our large rental home and then moving into a 1200 sq ft townhouse with no yard or friends within an hour's drive. In June when it came to renew our lease and we realized they were raising the rent another $75 and Jason had his hours cut back and gas was rising...we were at a low low place. We were low enough that my husband okay'ed us taking a desperate risk we had considered before but dismissed. We moved in with friends.

For four months all of our stuff was in a storage unit and we lived with our godparents and their kids, 16 people in a 1600 sq ft home. We paid a small amount in rent and utilities, and since we were about 10 minutes from everything we do, we were able to save money during that time. We expected to be there about 9 months to a year, but as you can imagine, the stresses of two families under one roof drove us to start looking seriously for our own place after just four months. Don't get me wrong! We are all still friends and I am so thankful for their sacrifice for us; if it were for them we wouldn't be here. But it's a good thing we didn't have to stay the whole amount of time we expected.

On October 7th, after a very discouraging day looking and being told "no" repeatedly, after becoming sure we were going to end up renting a shack in a trailer park, right before bed I checked craigslist one more time. Something had new had been posted. I called immediately, even though I was too drained and sad to expect much. I was the first one who'd called, and I set up an appointment to see the house the next day. I saw it October 8th, a Tuesday, then went to go look at another one that looked good the same day. I spent Wednesday thinking hard and praying about it, and told the owner we wanted his house on Thursday morning. Home inspection was Friday, and we called the lawyers that same day. We closed two weeks after I first saw the house. Today we have been here a week and a half.

I'm not doing Nanowrimo this year, the first year since I first heard of it back in 2005. Too much is going on right now. But I am going to post something here everyday this month. Maybe not much, but daily.

Tomorrow I'll explain how we may or may not name it Galen Vale, and ask for your name suggestions!

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