Sunday, November 10, 2013

Other considered names, and Decor Dreams

Some of these are jokes. Some aren't. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which.

All are sappy in their own way.

Puck's Place
Bottom's Hole
Goodfellow's Nook
(We were in Midsummer Night's Dream together in college. I was Puck and he was Bottom.)

Babysteps Farm
Fumbles and Fun Farm
Scrappy Patches ?
Friendship's Gift
Old Woman's Shoe
Hope Deferred Hollow
Happy Sigh Home
Plenty of Blessings Farm

I've been dreaming of decorating my own home for years, since long before I was ever grown and married. Much longer than I've been dreaming of raising my own food. I cannot express to you how excited I am that I can do WHATEVER I WANT to this place. Within our budget. And without tearing down the place and building a strawbale palace in it's place. The Ninja Time Lord is willing to let me have free rein pretty much with color and furniture and all, so long as he has some say on the furniture set up. So it's MINE ALL MINE AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Anyhow, I still don't have the furniture set up or anything put away (we're making progress, I swear!) but there is a reason why I've been searching on Pinterest (for hours, shhhh) for Moroccan bedroom pictures.

I want every room in my home to be bright, cheery, colorful, full of light and fun and whimsy and to be kid welcoming EXCEPT my bedroom. I want my bedroom to be all I don't show the world, deep, dark, sultry, romantic, luxurious. No, not luxurious. Decadent. If the rest of my house is Skittles I want my bedroom to be Godiva truffles. Obviously, the Moroccan look is the way to go.

Unfortunately, not being rich in the legal tender sense, it will be a few months, possible more than a year before I get to start spending money and time on my love nest. (Yes, I said it. I have 8 kids. What do you want?) First comes the kitchen. (Oh, I have ideas for that! I've already bought some paint and cabinet knobs.)

So, why was I spending hours time trolling Pinterest for Moroccan bedrooms? It's the dresser's fault.

We have this dresser. It's a nice dresser, solid wood, heavy, in pretty good shape. Except for the paint job and the crayon/marker/pen on top of the paint job. It's a hand-me down and while it's not the prettiest right now, it has lovely lines and a lot of potential. It doesn't have drawer pulls though. So getting the drawers opened and closed is just enough difficulty that we don't really want to put anything in it. Which is a problem, because we have piles of stuff that would just love a nice sturdy drawer to snuggle into.

And if I'm going to be spending money on drawer pulls, by golly I'm going to be getting the ones I want, even if they will be accenting a beat up blue and pink monstrosity for a while.

I  needed to know what Moroccan drawer pulls looked like, hence my Pinterest search. See? I was being totally good and productive.

What I found, a bit to my surprise, is that most of the Moroccan style dressers I found had very basic and plain pulls. It wasn't about the jewelry, it was about the dress.

See that? It was a relief. Fancy handles are expensive! I'd need a minimum of the prices I was finding that could have easily been over a hundred dollars. So, now I just know that I need to spend pennies for the handles and hundreds of hours painting the durn thing. And some stencils, I think. Gonna need stencils.

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