Sunday, November 3, 2013

Naming the place

Picking a name, for me, has never been a simple procedure. It has to have a good meaning, a personal meaning, a meaning that "fits." It has to be beautiful, in sound, handwritten, and typed up. It has to be unique but also easily spelled and pronounced. If I'm naming a kid, it has to start with a different initial than those already used, but I'm not naming a kid right now. (Already have the next boy's name picked out, and several ideas for a girl's.)

I'm naming this bit of land we just bought. I plan on living here a long time. Instead of putting effort and thought into looking for or dreaming about my someday dream home and farm, I will be putting everything into making this my dream home and farm. It isn't perfect, not if you are comparing it to my castles in the sky. Only 3 bedroom, not strawbale, it's a mobile home. Not enough land only 1.4 acres, no pond or creek, not next door to friends (yet). It is what we were able to get and it is perfect. I am very happy to have this place and I am looking forward to putting my heart and blood into making it ours. Starting with naming it, and rearranging furniture over and over again.

As usual, my husband and I aren't on the same page, exactly. He is thinking Galen Vale, I am thinking something more like Whirlygig Farm. You can't get more opposite than those two. Other ideas I have are the sappily inspirational Phoenix Nest Farm or Try Try Again Way. For more fun: Shindig Shoe, Puck's Place, or Thistle Dew Home. I'd like to find a name that reminds me of the help we've received from friends to get here. The more I think, the more I come up with, but I haven't found one that "clicked" yet, and I don't know if we will find one that both of us like! Maybe we will have to have a secret vote and let the kids help...

Perhaps I won't be so eager to name this place immediately. After all, I have 9 months to pick a baby name. I guess I could wait that long to settle on a home name.

I'd love to hear y'all's suggestions!

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