Sunday, November 3, 2013

So it looks like I already messed up

but I didn't. Not completely at least. I forgot to post my blog entry yesterday, but I did write it. So now, on the 3rd day of November, I am writing my 3rd post. Just as planned.

We didn't go to church this morning. :( Too exhausted from moving, and too sick. Let me tell you: do not start eating sugar, fast food, and gluten just because it is convinient while you are moving. You need your strength and your health while dealing with the dust and paint fumes and sheer work involved. I don't think I am actually sick with a virus or bacteria; I think I just majorly compromised my immune system with my poor food choices just as I was upping my exposure to dust, bug poison, new paint and carpet fumes, and lots of heavy lifting. Whatever, I'm pretty miserable now. Constant headache, sinus infection, cold sores, exhaustion, bathroom issues, and a all feels familiar. Oh yeah, this is how I felt frequently before I went grain-free. Believe it or not, I'd forgotten.

Well, back on the wagon. Today I will have eggs and bacon and veggies, and tomorrow I go back to work at my old job. Yep, after a few weeks of my husband working upwards of 80 hours a week, I ran into my old boss one Sunday who said they wanted me back and were willing to work around my schedule. So I'll be sanding doors about 25 hours a week now, during the day while the Ninja Time Lord is home. He'll come home in the morning, we'll all eat breakfast together, then I'll leave and he will supervise their homeschooling. After lunch and school he will go to bed and I will be home about an hour later, so for one hour four days a week my kids will be on their own. They can do that. I'll check their homework and then we will all work together on our projects. That's the plan.

I'm not excited about going to work, but I'm glad I have this option so the NTL can have some time with the kids and to rest. If I am going to be homeschooling, homekeeping, gardening, and livestock raising, not to mention redecorating/painting/writing and whatever else AS WELL AS working part time, well, I need to fix my eating!!

 PS: How discouraging. It seems like every name I like has already been used.

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