Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Farm produced babies

Two weeks ago  15 baby rabbits were born, six in one litter and nine in another. One promptly died, and then three more a few days later. Turns out one of the mothers wasn't particularly interested in feeding them. So we put started letting the two litters take turns with the good mother, which has worked wonderful except for the weakest one getting fly strike and dying. Life on a farm isn't easy, but now we have 10 fat squirmy silver fox kits escaping their nesting box and being pretty much the second cutest things ever (obviously my new son, Sir Baby, is number one).

They have some competition now, though. My broody Ameraucana is finally enjoying the fruits of her labor. Last night one little black chick hatched out of a brown egg, and this morning there was another black and white chick under her. She isn't pleased with our looking under her, but I think I saw a few more eggs pipping. If our camera charges quickly I will see if I can get a picture or video to post here.

I have a job interview today. I'm not excited to work outside the home again, but thankful that it only has to be part time and my husband can be with the kids while I do it. We'll see how it goes. My priority is my family and home and farm, and right now the main thing those need is a little more money. You do what you have to.

Oh! Thought I should mention we have finally settled on a name for this chunk of mud and weeds we are trying to turn into something productive: Stumble On Micro Farm.

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