Friday, June 19, 2015

I HAVE A NIECE (written June 18th, 10 pm)

I have a niece! My sister had a little baby girl today. June 18th will always be a special date forever now.

My sister texted me to see if we could Skype...I had literally just said bye to the other people I was talking with online and laying back to go to sleep. It had been an exhausting day, and I was so happy to go to bed early.

Now I'm bouncing off the walls.

She is gorgeous. Both my sister and her daughter. So beautiful. Both of them, and those words. Her daughter. My niece.

I love where I live. I don't want to live in Minneapolis. niece. My sister.

I can't post this yet. She wants to tell a few special people herself first, before it's made public. But I had to write it.

I don't have much to say here,'s not my story and it's not my daughter and I don't want to share her private details publicly, but I'm happy happy happy and I want everyone to know that this world just became ten million times better because a little Music just came into it.

I need ideas on how to develop a good relationship with someone far away....what search words should I put into Pinterest for that, you think?

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