Thursday, June 18, 2015

So many Republican candidates!

I usually wait till a little later in the campaigning, but today I did the "I Side With" quiz. Too many names I didn't recognize at all were being discussed on my facebook page, and I needed to know which of my friends to like more or less. (I kid, I kid!)

I discovered that while I have clear ideas about most social and domestic policies, foreign policy leaves me befuddled. I have no idea what ought to be done; the world is a mess. One of the questions was what I thought we should do about Iran's nuclear weapons facilities, another asked about declaring war on ISIS. It's like trying to vote for a president: there are no good options.

Not for me, anyhow...the candidate I supposedly agreed the most with still only ranked at 65%. The next one ranked 64%, and they were from two different parties. I could probably go back through the quiz, retake it just as honestly, and get a whole different line up, too.

That's a good quiz, because 1) it is a good guide for what issues I need to study up on and 2) it gives me a bit of appreciation for what difficult job the leader of our country has. I was agonizing over picking between two completely contrary options for several of the questions, because I honestly couldn't figure out which was better. I also noticed a couple of times when I didn't answer with my "preferred" solution, because I couldn't see how the government would be able to effect such a thing....whew.

Our political system is messed up, I firmly believe, but it's good to remember that there are no easy solutions.

This is not the post I want to post right now, but I can't post my other one till later....


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