Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers' Day

We had a surprise birthday party last night for Little Big Boy. He turned 6 earlier this month. The party was the older girls' idea, and they did most of the work. It was very nice. June parties are easy...all you need to do is provide some food and water in the yard. I can't believe he's so baby number 7 he should always stay a baby...right?

The bells at church today tolled 9 times for the victims in Charleston. Lord have mercy. The families are responding with amazing grace. I can't even imagine....when I think about what it would be like for someone to come into my church and shoot, kill, my friends and family..,I've always had a great imagination, but it's not so great I can imagine myself talking about forgiveness and Christ's love less than a week later. I'm afraid I may be more like Dylann Roof than the people of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Lord have mercy on all of them, and Dylann, and me, a sinner.

Today is my dad's 35th Father's Day, my husband's 16th, my father-in-law's 43rd (I think), and my brother-in-law's first. Once a father or mother, never again not. We are very blessed in the fathers in this family. They are all still around, still married to the mothers. Rare in this time. I am very thankful. We don't have any big plans today, but my husband is taking a nice long nap, which he has more than earned. We'll see if he wants to do anything when he wakes up.

Sir Dex's baptism is (finally) this Saturday. He's a bit past the 40 days, but we wanted to wait till his leg was definitely better. We're getting family pictures taken the same day.

Happy Father's Day, father's everywhere! Be a good one...nothing matters more.

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