Monday, June 15, 2015

Swimming Hole #1

We got there about 6 pm Sunday evening. Later than I had intended, but with plenty of light and warmth for a few more hours this day in June. It isn't a much visited spot...the path wasn't always obvious or easy, but it also wasn't long and my directions were good. The way was lined with blackberry bushes and the fruit was just beginning to ripen.

This is a good spot. Not deep, except in one small place, perfect for a small jump off of a rock. Under the water was large rock and sand, not much mud or slime. The water was warm, and while there were no trees up close to the pool, between two tall hills it didn't have sun so late in the day. Everything was green, especially behind the waterfall. It was easy to climb beneath and behind the water because the rocks were covered in lush moss that felt like a wooly rug. Before I knew that, my heart stayed in my throat as I imagined my clambering kids slipping and cracking their heads on the way down to drown in shallow water. After, though, I perched on a rock in the middle of the waterfall and enjoyed watching my children splash and play below. They found a patch of Blackeyed Susans and a dead crawfish. We all kept an eye out for snakes but didn't see any.

I didn't take my three youngest because I wasn't sure what the swimming hole would be like, and it was good I didn't. This is an age 6 and up location only. But because my nursing infant was left at home, I didn't want to stay too long, so we left after only an hour and a half. We took our time walking back to the car, munching on tart berries and admiring the sunset. We'll be back soon.

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